Phantom Detectives Terms of Use

This website is established and dedicated to paranormal research and education. The following policies apply to all users of our website. Use of our website implies a simple understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

(A) Notification of Changes to Terms of Use: Our following Terms of Use, including additional terms and conditions presented here, are subject to modification, addition, or subtraction without prior notification. Changes are effective immediately and continued use indicates acceptance of the changes.

(B) Services: Phantom Detectives LLC can discontinue or alter any aspect of our site that isn’t specifically up to our specifications without any prior notice. This includes our investigations section, team photos section, news section, merchandise, events section, or EVP section.

(C) EVPS: Our website offers free downloadable EVP’s from our past investigations free of charge. These normally are in .wav files as we use an audio editor on them.

(1) User Responsibility: Our website’s visitors are responsible for any personal passwords and access to the site and acknowledge their personal responsibility for any item, information or communication posted while they are logged into our team merchandise area.

(2) Cancellations: A Member may cancel an order of team merchandise at any time without question or penalization

(3) Refunds: Refunds will only be processed if a request is made within 24 hours of the sale date on the order.

(4) Terminations: Phantom Detectives LLC retains the rights to terminate an order for the following reasons without issuing a Refund. They also have a right to ban a user from their website without notice.