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Our Mission Statement

To educate, research, investigate, and inspire people about paranormal investigations, and to unveil the paranormal in locations near your neighborhood.

Media / Press: To schedule an event for a TV Show or Film Project, Radio Show or Podcast, or Magazine or Public Appearance, please contact Phantom Detectives LLC’s publicist Joshua Chaires at Director@phantomdetectives.org

For purchase of Paranormal Equipment, and Research, organized by Phantom Detectives LLC. Donate to Phantom Detectives LLC for gas, equipment costs, and more. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Phantom Detectives LLC Manor House Lecture Series
October 9, 2023 7:15 PM EST

For more information check out the Seaford Historical Society website

TV Show Appearances

Phantom Detectives, "Fright Night Fridays" Second Team Entertainment, 2022.

WDRE Coast TV Paranormal Investigators Claim To Find Evidence Of Ghosts On Lightship Overfalls. December 2022

Radio Shows and Podcasts

Paranormal King Radio “Phantom Detectives Live Radio Show”. May 2021

Scare Me Podcast “Phantom Detectives”. November 2021

Jim Harold Paranormal Podcast “Phantom Detectives Ghost Insights”. December 2021

Hillbilly Horror Stories “Phantom Detectives Live Radio”. December 2021

Michael Decon Show “Joshua Chaires EP.69”. February 2023

Coast to Coast AM “Yogic Practice & Simulation Theory / Haunting Investigations”. June 2023

Anna Schmidt Paranormal Specialist

Minnesota Association of Paranormal Study - Our Haunted Reality

CBS 21 Newscast - "Energy can not be created nor destroyed": Paranormal happenings revive history at Lanc. Co. mansion

Eleanor Wagner’s Strange and Scary World

Miami Ghost Chronicles

Dark Waters

The Vibes Broadcast 01-02-2024

Typical Skeptic Podcast 01-05-2024

TV Delmarva Channel 14.1 10-28-2023

10-14-23 Techno Warriors TV

Good Day Philadelphia After Show, September 2023

Typical Skeptic Postcast - The Phantom Detectives Give Deep Introspective into the Paranormal and PSI Abilities - August 2023

Behind the Paranormal with Paul/Ben Eno, August 2023

Legit Paranormal May 2023.

The Phantom Detective "Strange Planet". April 2023

Fireside Paranormal Podcast, April 3 2023

Creepin It Reel

Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations, August 2022

Phantom Detectives! Paranormal Odyssey, December 2022

End of Days Radio December 2022

Dark Hour Paranormal. August 2021

Broadcast Team Alpha “Phantom Detectives Journey to Another World”. December 2021

3PNR “UFO’s, Paranormal, And the Afterlife”. May 2022.

Beyond The Strange with Dave Cruz and Russ Bailey “Phantom Detectives”. May 2022

The Rockin House: Gear Headz “Ghost Hunters Phantom Detectives”. July 2022

Dark Horse Paranormal Productions/Bigfoot and The Bunny “Phantom Detectives Paranormal Investigation”. September 2022

Delmarva Life/WBOC TV 16 - September 21, 2022

Magazine Appearances and Publications

Haunted Magazine Issue 38

"Haunted Magazine Issue 38"

Paranormal Magazine Online

"Paranormal Magazine" paranormalitymag.com

Supernatural Magazine Online

"Supernatural Magazine Online" supernaturalmagazine.com

Paranormal Underground Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 12, Dec. 2021

"Paranormal Underground Magazine" Volume 14, Issue 12, Dec. 2021 Magazine cover and article write ups with the Phantom Detectives Team

Phenomena Magazine, March 2022

"Phenomena Magazine" March 2022 - Article write ups with the team from Phantom Detectives LLC: A Paranormal Investigation team.

American Paranormal Magazine, July 2022

"American Paranormal Magazine". July 2022 Magazine article write ups with the team from Phantom Detectives LLC: A Paranormal Investigation team.

Cape Gazette, December 2022

"Cape Gazette" Is the Lightship Overfalls haunted - capegazette.com

"Fate Magazine." Brief Encounters Report April 2022.