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Phantom Detectives LLC (PDLLC) is a Wilmington, Delaware paranormal investigation group founded by Joshua Chaires in 2020. Chaires founded the group after leaving a previous group. He decided to start his team with a friend to revolutionize the field. PDLLC is Southeastern Pennsylvania's newest paranormal investigation team. The team conducts investigations in private homes and businesses that report paranormal activity across the country. Currently PDLLC is the using the scientific method, and various pieces of equipment to separate rational explanations from the paranormal.

Phantom Detectives LLC conducts investigations across various venues. These are from free private home investigations to more robust guided investigations with the public. At this time the group plans to provide public education sessions free of charge for their supporters. This will be in order to expand the dialogue of the paranormal with a larger audience. In the future Phantom Detectives LLC plan to conduct free information sessions at libraries all over Pennsylvania. During these sessions PDLLC will be go over past evidence, how they conduct investigations, and how they reveal evidence to their clients. Phantom Detectives LLC will be making numerous trips across the United States to perform investigations at some of America’s most notorious haunted locations. Dream locations such as Waverly Hills Sanitarium, The Winchester House in San Jose, and the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA are some of their dream places to investigate. This will be done to satisfy the ghost hunter within each of their members. Dr. Hans Holzer is one of their major inspirations. Most importantly PDLLC wants to apply the scientific rigor to places that have become shrouded in mystery. The group was formed with the intention to bring more rigor/science to the field of paranormal research. With an almost obsessive attention to detail and controlled environments PDLLC has been able to provide a much more scientific approach for their clients.

Professional, Scientific, and Free.

Phantom Detectives LLC is a non-profit organization offering unique services to the public. This is whether they do it through public education sessions or private scientific investigations. Each members goal is to demystify the supernatural. In addition they want to reduce fear of the unexplained. Phantom Detectives LLC will never reveal any information about any investigation without the client's consent. Every evidence review that they do will be kept confidential. Personal details shared by our clients will be handled with the utmost care. In addition, they will create a file cabinet of every case that they investigate with. The group will be fully insured for the safety of Phantom Detectives LLC’s clients and members. If you are interested in having your home or business investigated, feel free to fill out the contact form and the team will get back to you.

Phantom Detectives LLC would like to welcome our followers on Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, and on MeWe. They will be going to some amazing, haunted locations in 2021 to launch the group. These include Pennhurst, The Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Fort Mifflin, The Anselma Mill in Chester Springs, PA, Sanderson Museum in Chadds Ford, The Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, and many more. The clients, fans, and followers that they will be build relations will be their most important people. Without any of them our group would not exist. In May of 2021 Phantom Detectives LLC purchased the rights to Dark Matter News the former news program of the late Art Bell. Their hope is to rebrand it into a paranormal news hub for everyone. They look forward to serving the Southeastern, PA area for years to come.

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