What are Astral Critters? Is a ghost good or evil?

Astral Critters and Ghosts

Astral Critters

Many times, as paranormal investigators our team gets asked questions if something can follow us home. After several days of researching this PD LLC says yes. From time to time there are situations that a spirit can follow a person home from a haunted location. But the good news is that many times it is not bad as it seems. As paranormal investigators Phantom Detectives LLC believes the astral world stays with us. Many of you often ask the important question. What can follow us home? From our perspective we consider it an Astral Critter. An Astral Critter is known as Elves, Fairies, or Goblins, but most likely it may be a non-human entity. Human entities are very well known to attach themselves to many paranormal investigators worldwide. Astral Critters can be different because they are like a mosquito to many paranormal investigators. Unless you want an incredibly special pet, it is best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Over the past few years, we have had our clients ask us how do they follow us home? On past investigations we have told our clients anytime you go to a haunted residence there is a portal somewhere on the property. From our research portals are how astral beings enter the spirit plane into the physical plane. In the past we have discovered ghosts are confined to one area and can never leave. But Astral Critters have minds of their own and are bent on mischief. With that mischief they often find fascination with a team member or the equipment they used. These critters attach themselves to paranormal investigators and then discover that strange things happen.

First the television may start acting up strange, or a phone dies with no reasonable explanation. Kitchen appliances start up on their own, or things fall of shelves. In the past one of our clients had a dog bark and wine at something no one could see. Then a homeowner starts to see things in the corner of his eye that is 3 feet tall with brown, black, or green. Once they glance at it, then it takes off in another direction. Many times, we have noticed very rarely these critters will interact or attempt to harm a person. There is good news as most of these astral critters will leave in a week or less depending if you act on it. Here is a list of suggestions that you our clients can do when we cannot get to a haunted location right away.

 The good news most of these critters will leave on their own within a week. Occasionally they do not leave and that’s when something must be done. Here is a list of suggestions that our clients can do to rid themselves of Astral Critters.

-Placing pepper and vinegar in a dish to rid themselves of them.

-Ring a loud bell throughout a home and do it on every floor.

-Tell them very honestly, they are not welcome there. Then tell them they need to leave

-Burn sage throughout your house in every room to perform a cleansing.

-Say a prayer to Saint Michael to get rid of it.

-Put chimes on your doors as soon as possible then most likely it will not return.

Astral Critters can be a massive pain, and scary for many people. But the good news is that most of them are relatively harmless. Once you let them know who is boss, and they should hit the road most comply. During this time, our team keeps our guard up against mischievous and negative entities. As many paranormal investigators know, sooner or later you will come home from an investigation and you will know without a doubt that something is not right, and chances are it is an Astral Critter.


The first question our clients normally ask themselves when they are confronted with paranormal activity “is it good or evil?”. At this time, the best answer we can give is of course it is evil if it just slammed a door. Our team has noticed many times there are unfounded and biased decisions based on dozens of horror movies, ghost stories, and a lack of knowledge. Just because there is a ghost haunting a location does not mean it is evil.

Often to frequently the answer you give is, of course, its evil because it just slammed a door. This is usually unfounded and biased decision based on dozens of scary movies and ghost stories and the lack of knowledge in society. Just because it is a ghost does not mean it is evil.

Our clients typically will be confronted by what we call a human spirit. This is the spirit of a person who was once alive as you and I are currently alive. These spirits were born on earth, had a job/family, a pet, and most importantly they passed on. For various reasons depending on how they died their spirit still might be hanging around for some reason. Spirits that were once alive have different personalities like you and I do. Some ghosts are sad, some are angry, some are still haunting a location because of unfinished business. One spirit might have been a loving grandmother in life who is looking for her father, or another maybe a teenager who died suddenly who may get a kick out of scaring you.  During our investigations we have had not so common ones called non-human spirit. Phantom Detectives LLC believes these are spirits that lived on earth once. A very disturbing trend about this kind of spirit is that they were brought to our realm through seances, Ouija board sessions, curses, or devil worshipping. Here is a breakdown o typical human spirit activity.


-Appearance of random objects such as flashlights, rocks, and money.

-An illuminated figure or part of one.

-Typical Non-Human Spirit Activities

-Targeted paranormal activity where an entity attaches itself to a person and attacks them.

Interesting Tidbits

There are many people countrywide believe that graveyards are the best place to capture ghosts and sometimes they can be. In addition, you need to find out how many people died in a graveyard, how long have they been dead for, and are they still haunting near their plots. We always suggest getting permission from a local township before investigating any graveyard. Getting a fine in the mail, a citation, or making the local newspaper is not the way to get proper attention for a team starting out. Our team thinks it is great to buy antiques and go to estate sales but remember a person might have passed away. Some of the hauntings we have came across are from when clients purchased many items from antique stores. But the biggest problem with many of these antiques spirits attach themselves to them. A great example of this was from our friend that owns Baleroy’s Mansion in Philadelphia. People visiting there have claimed to have felt the spirit of Stephen Easby the late Meade Easby’s brother. Both brothers were the great grandsons of General George Meade. There was also a report of a ghost car that goes up the driveway. But since the antiques in the house have been sold, there has been no reported paranormal activity according to the current owner.  One last question our team gets asked the most is why do we conduct our investigations at night? From our perspective it is not because we want to be scared. But we want to see a ghost possibly manifest themselves to us and this would be impossible during the day. A spirit is looking for energy and during the day the sun takes all the spirits energy up. But at night the ghost can use the surroundings of the electric in a person’s home to reveal themselves.