Phantom Detectives LLC Methodoloy

Phantom Detectives LLC Methodology



Phantom Detectives LLC gives all perspective clients a questionnaire over the phone before we visit our client’s

location. Our questionnaire that we have developed normally takes 15-20 to administer. It serves as a dual-purpose

questionnaire. Once we can have our clients verbally tells us information, it allows us to gather information about

the claims of activity before we visit the location. Based upon the information that the client gives us over the

phone, we can determine if this location is worth investigating.


Most importantly we need to ensure that every member of the team is entering each of our client’s environments

along with it being stable. Furthermore, we may also need to be able to determine if the reported activity may stem

from a mental illness or drug/alcohol abuse. Many people often think they are experience some form of paranormal

activity when under the influence of alcohol. But based upon our questionnaire we will decide if a visit to a site is



Another thing we plan on implementing is asking our clients to journal activity for a few weeks to report back to us.

If we do not think that the location warrants an investigation, we will let you know. However, if PDLLC decides to take

on the case, we will set up a mutually acceptable time to come to your location. Our initial interview process

normally takes between 1 to 2 hours to complete. After that we will take baseline readings of ElectroMagnetic Fields

or EMF and for CO2 levels. Our team will tour the location to determine the size and scope of where the activity has

offered. It will allow us to create a road map for our future investigation at our client’s location. One of the most

important things we want to do is interview as many eyewitnesses to paranormal activity as possible. Getting first-

hand accounts of any paranormal events will allow us to better plan for an investigation. Then we will be able to set

our cameras up in locations in the building of where the activity may have taken place.


After we complete the initial interview with the client, PDLLC will decide whether an investigation is warranted or not.

If we decide an investigation is needed, PDLLC will discuss possible times/dates for the investigation. Our group will

explain in detail how we will conduct our investigation. PDLLC will decide whether an investigation is warranted, and

we can direct the client on how they can prepare their location for us.



After Phantom Detectives LLC has decided to do an investigation of your property, we will go to local town halls to

conduct historical research on the property. However, if you know of any history relating to your property prior to

the investigation, or any tragic events please fill us in. That will be greatly appreciated by every member of the team.

Clues from historical research of the property will give us direction on where we can concentrate our research to

assist you. Many times, it may be very well impossible to confirm any reported deaths or events at specific

locations. PDLLC is mainly looking for any clues that might explain the paranormal activity at your property. Our lead

investigator Sasha Zahorcak is always inventing new trigger objects to get interactions from spirits at locations. This

will allow the ghosts to interact with us during the investigation. If you have any trigger objects that may be tied to

past events at the locations, please inform us as quickly as possible.



PDLLC normally arrives for investigations at various locations between 6:00 and 7:00 PM EST. Sometimes we may set a

different time to arrive at a location if the business or home has only a select time of availability. Our founder and

director Joshua Chaires will discuss and agreed upon a time that is mutual to all parties. PDLLC normally investigates

locations until 3:00 AM. If extra time is needed to continue to investigate, we will inform you as quickly as possible.

To ensure our investigations have integrity PDLLC requests that you please remove all pets from the property entirely

for our members safety. This will allow our team not to accidently walk on your pet while in the dark investigating.

We please ask all human residents of the property be removed to for every team member safety. If a specific

member of the property needs to stay, we will please ask them to sit near the command center or in an unoccupied

room so we can properly conduct our investigation to the best of our abilities.


Phantom Detectives LLC takes our investigations very seriously, and we want our clients to understand we aren’t

here for the entertainment. Sometimes PDLLC may request the presence of one or more members of residents of the

property that will be taking part in the investigation. In our opinion this will be extremely helpful in providing us

with information about the claims of activity. But we will need to limit the number of people at an investigation. PDLLC

will also limit how many investigators they will bring to ensure this as well. For every additional person from the

property PDLLC will bring one less investigator.


Our director and lead investigator will then begin setup of equipment immediately if we have already been to the

location. If we have not been to the location, we will ask for a tour to determine where the activity is located. Once

we know where the activity is located, we can set up our DVR system in those areas. We always do a baseline

investigation first and foremost to get EMF readings first. Every investigation we do is always done with the power

turned off which will help us remove excess EMF fields or to block up windows where light may come through.

Every client has the right to decline this request. If that is so we will conduct our investigation with the power on at

the client’s request. After the investigation is wrapped up, we will breakdown our equipment and start reviewing

evidence the next business day.



PDLLC will start going through evidence from the investigation within several days of the investigation. We please ask

our clients to be patient as we go through a lot of audio/video within a given investigation. For example, for a single

6-hour investigation we will have 4 cameras and at least 6 digital recorders which means we will have 60 hours of

evidence to review. Every team member has full time jobs, families, houses, children, and other commitments that

we have to committee too. Rest assured we will promise our clients that we will go through our evidence as quickly

as possible to ensure we aren’t missing anything. To go through an entire 6–8-hour investigation we request that you

give us two weeks to check every piece of equipment. Once we have completed our findings, we will publish a

report on our website that our followers can read of the evidence we captured on a given investigation.



PDLLC will be generating a report from every investigation that we conduct regardless of if we obtain evidence from

that investigation or not. Our team comes from a very skeptical point of view. This report generated will document

everything we did during the investigation from the time we arrived, to the time we left. Once we obtain evidence a

copy of the report will be included with our meeting with the client. We can bring these reports to our clients or we

can email them and discuss it on the phone with them. Phantom Detectives LLC want to ensure that all of our clients

ask as many questions as possible. Our director and lead investigator will be there to answer any questions that may

arise from the final meeting. Afterwards we will always be there to answer any questions that may come up. PDLLC is

just an email or a phone call away. Our clients are very important to us, and we will never leave you hanging.