Case 004 Selma Mansion - Encounters Report

Encounters Report

On June 25, 2021, Phantom Detectives LLC investigated the historic Selma Mansion in Norristown, PA. Selma Mansion is one of the oldest structures in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The mansion sits on the western part of the town and was built by General Andrew Porter in 1794. General Porter was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and helped found the predecessor to the US Marine Corps. In addition, he raised his sons there who had distinguished careers in law/politics. Richard Porter was judge of the 3rd judicial district of Pennsylvania, his second son served as Governor of Pennsylvania, and his third son was the Governor of Michigan Territory. Horace Porter served in the Civil War. Horace was General Porter's grandson.

Phantom Detectives booked their investigation through Bill Freeman of the Norristown Preservation story three weeks prior to the investigation. Team founder Joshua Chaires invited Psychic Medium Melissa Ferrazzano to bring her skills to the team talent pool. Ferrazzano studied advanced mediumship under her mentor Cindy Kaza from The Holzer Files, various healing modalities, shamanic healing, and more. Prior to the investigation Ferrazzano felt the mansion was connected to President Lincoln somehow. She was having visions of a woman who would shop outside of Philadelphia during the 1800s. Upon receiving these visions, the team arrived at the mansion around 6:30 PM EST. As soon as the team entered Melissa Ferrazzano was feeling the presence of a servant woman named Martha. Martha was very welcoming and eager to speak to the team. As 7:00 PM rolled around the team began its baseline investigation. Rick, Sasha, and Melissa walked through various rooms of the mansion doing EMF sweeps. In the piano room Ferrazzano was feeling the presence of an older woman with grey hair. This woman was wearing a Victorian style dress. Before the baseline investigation concluded the team captured a thermal image of a woman wearing a dress in the kitchen area.

Guest investigator Ash Yeager who was a friend of Bill Freemans joined the team for the evening. She was very knowledgeable about where the paranormal activity was in the mansion.  Around 8:00 PM EST the team moved their investigation to the upstairs doll room while team founder Joshua Chaires manned the DVR system. During this time the team’s rem pod would go off in the piano room, and when Chaires would check up on it the noise stopped. Right around this time Rick, Melissa, and Sasha all had numerous pieces of equipment going off. From Rick’s rem pod bear, Chaires Mel Meter Emf spikes were going up, and Zahorcak’s k2 meter was lighting up. It seems the mansion is very active on the third floor. Later, in the night the team moved to the piano room and captured a shadow figure near the piano. The team felt very uncomfortable during the basement part of the investigation. They felt as if they were being watched. During this time the DVR camera captured a black mass near the chairs in the basement. As the night progressed the boyfriend of guest investigator Ash Yeager reported seeing a man on the third floor as he came to pick up his girlfriend. The team wasn’t anywhere near the third floor during this time. After Ash Yeager left, team founder Joshua Chaires joined the team for the rest of the evening.